Margarita Howard, the founder of HX5, has showcased remarkable strategic leadership in establishing the company as a
prime contractor in a competitive market. Howard’s vision for HX5 was guided by
a commitment to excellence and a desire to compete independently in the federal
government contracting landscape. Through her astute decision-making and
determination, she propelled HX5 to become a trusted provider of professional
mission support services to federal space and defense government agencies. 


Howard’s journey with HX5 began in 2004, driven by a clear understanding of the
socioeconomic opportunities available to veteran, woman-owned, small
businesses. By leveraging her experience and expertise, she steered HX5 to
success by securing contracts and building a reputation for delivering
high-quality software and hardware engineering services, mission operations
support, information technology, and research and development solutions. 


The strategic decisions made by Margarita Howard early on,
including participating in the Small Business Administration s 8(a) program and
investing in essential infrastructure, set the foundation for HX5’s growth and sustainability. Margarita
Howard’s proactive approach
to government contracting, coupled with
her focus on building a talented and dedicated team, has been instrumental in
the company’s expansion to over 1,000 employees operating across 34 states. 


Howard’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity,
particularly in promoting women to leadership roles within HX5, reflects her
forward-thinking leadership style. As HX5 continues to thrive under her
guidance, Margarita Howard’s strategic vision and unwavering dedication serve
as a testament to the success of the company in a highly competitive market. See
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