Cordelia Scaife May was a Pittsburgh philanthropist whose legacy continues to shine
through her remarkable contributions to society. Born into the wealthy Mellon
family, Cordelia, also known as Cordelia, dedicated her life to making a
positive impact on the world. Through her strategic philanthropy, she supported
various causes that reflected her vision for a better future.

From early on, Cordelia recognized the importance of supporting the arts,
education, and female empowerment. Through her foundation, The Laurel Foundation, she
provided grants to organizations such as the National Aviary and the Allegheny
Land Trust. She believed in the power of education and its ability to empower
individuals and communities.

Cordelia’s philanthropic journey extended beyond traditional causes. She was
highly focused on the environment and the sustainable coexistence of humanity
and the planet. She understood the connection between population dynamics and
environmental sustainability. With her substantial wealth and influence, she
championed causes such as land conservation, watershed protection, and
environmental education.

One of Cordelia Scaife May’s most significant endeavors was her support for immigration reform
in the United States. As a firm believer in responsible stewardship of
resources, she recognized the impact of population growth on the environment.
She advocated for sustainable immigration policies to manage population growth
and reduce the strain on finite resources.

Throughout her philanthropic journey, Cordelia Scaife May remained
humble and eschewed public accolades. Her focus was on making a difference
rather than seeking recognition. She supported organizations like the Women’s
Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, which provided safety and
empowerment to survivors of abuse.

Cordelia’s legacy lives on through the establishment of the Colcom Foundation,
which continues to support causes that align with her values. Her substantial
endowment ensures that her vision for a better world will continue to impact
future generations.

In conclusion, Cordelia Scaife May was a remarkable philanthropist whose
dedication and strategic giving made a significant impact. Her commitment to
education, land conservation, and the well-being of women and the environment
is a testament to her compassion and foresight. Her legacy serves as an
inspiration, reminding us of the power of giving and the possibility of
creating a more sustainable and equitable world. Visit this page for
additional information. 


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